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Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum Welcome!


Overview of FPDMWelcome to the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum (FPDM) Web Site.  This web site provides you with information about our museum and dinosaurs.  The FPDM exhibits a number of specimens on geology and paleontology, such as invertebrate fossils, minerals, rocks and of course dinosaurs!! We hope you enjoy our web site.  We are sure that you will want to visit our museum after looking over this web site.

You can use “FreeWiFi_FUKUI” in the museum.
FreeWiFi_FUKUIInstall the App (Japan Connected-free WiFi) from the Google play or AppStpore.


The page you see now.
Museum information.  Location, admission fees, hours...
Virtual Tour
We introduce our museum.  Let's go to museum virtual tour!
Dinosaur Catalog
An introduction to 40 kind of dinosaurs.
Frequently asked questions about dinosaurs.  Mainly covers biology of dinosaurs.
Web pages of museums and related organizations.
A form to submit your impressions or inquiries.