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Camarasaurus sp. Saurischia Sauropodomorpha

Skeleton of Camarasaurus
Camarasaurus, one of the most famous sauropods from the U.S.A., possesses distinctive teeth with a large, spatulate shape. The relatively short neck contains only 12 vertebrae, far less than in sauropods like Mamenchisaurus. The skeleton consists entirely of the original bone. Consequently, some bones have been displaced from their proper anatomical position. For example, deformed sacral vertebrae have displaced the femur, which now lies disarticulated from the pelvis. Ongoing research seeks to determine a more precise classification, that is what species this specimen represents.

Figure of Camarasaurus
Late Jurassic
Estimated total length
Wyoming, U.S.A
Exhibition place of Camarasaurus
Dinosaur World > Saurischia
Camarasaurus site : Wyoming, U.S.A