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Fukuivenator paradoxus Saurischia Theropoda

Skeleton of Fukuivenator
Fukuivenator is a small theropod belonging to the Maniraptoriformes. Its estimated body weight about 25 kg. The specimen, which preserves about 70% of the whole skeleton, was discovered in 2007. Its teeth, which are conical and without serration, suggest an omnivorous diet. In addition, based on CT-scanned images of the inner-ears, it appears that spatial sensory perception and auditory ability of Fukuivenator are relatively well-developed among dinosaurs.

Figure of Fukuivenator
Early Cretaceous
Estimated total length
Kitadani, Katsuyama City, Fukui Prefecture
Exhibition place of Fukuivenator
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Fukuivenator site : Kitadani, Katsuyama-city, Fukui-prefecture, JAPAN.