Reservation of the Field Station


Application procedures

Acceptance of applicationArrowChoice of application dateArrowChoice of visiting timeArrowUser information registrationArrowYour reservation is completed


Reservation by individuals Reservation by individuals refers to the reservation whose total number is less than 10 people.
Group reservation Group reservation refers to the reservation whose total number is more than ten 10 people.
Alteration and confirmation of reservation Alteration in the number of reserved people and cancellation.

We accept alteration in the number of reserved people or cancellation of reservation.
When you change the time or the date of your reservation, please resume your reservation procedure from scratch.

Privacy policy

The following pieces of personal information are required; your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.

There are cases where we make use of these pieces of information for the purpose of identity verification of the participants and for managing our museum such as analysis of their use situation, etc. However, these pieces of information shall not be disclosed or offered to the third party other than the people concerned in our museum.

There pieces of information have been strictly managed to prevent any leakage and we have strived to observe related laws and regulations, guidelines, etc.

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