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Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum Field Station

Field Station

Field Station is at the largest Dinosaur Discovery Site (Dinosaur Quarry) in Japan located near the FPDM. Many dinosaur fossils have been discovered in Dinosaur Quarry, including five new species of dinosaurs.

Field Station is composed of three areas where visitors can learn about excavation of dinosaur fossils through hands-on experience.

Come and join our organized two-hour tour for a fascinating experience outdoors. An approximately 30-minute bus ride takes you to the Dinosaur Quarry from the museum.

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Field Station Overview

About tour

Three attractions are included in our tour. It is held almost every day (except for the closed days of the museum) from spring to autumn.

1.Enjoy a panoramic view of the Dinosaur Quarry

Visit a special place where Japanese dinosaurs, including Fukuiraptor, Fukuisaurus, Fukuititan, Koshisaurus and Fukuivenator, have been found.

2.See a variety of real fossils from the Dinosaur Quarry

Learn how to recognize the fossils in the rocks, such as dinosaurs, crocodiles, turtles, fishes, clams and snails, plants, etc.

3.Look for dinos !

Find the fossils of the dinosaur age by yourself.

Staffs of the museum help you to find the “treasure.”